Really excited to FINALLY unveil this mosaic of work that I was honored to be part of! Looks like a brand new kitchen! (I mean, it pretty much is… but that’s besides the point) Not those cabinets! All orginal, courtesy of yours truely 🤗 and once again I was asked to take cabinets up to the ceiling! While that may appear pretty straight-forward from the photos, it was anything but. 


This 1870’s home in the heart of Cape May had done quite a bit of settling over the years … and nothing – I MEAN NOTHING – was level. Side to side, front to back. I’m talking a 2 inch variable which is very visible even to the naked eye. So that presented with quite the challenge. Not a single piece of trim used was standard, run of the mill stuff. Every single piece had to be graded & rip cut to help create the illusion of a level kitchen 🤣 I definitely lost some sleep and gained a few grays over this project but the final product is amazing & everyone who lended their expertise (John over at New Vision Builders Cape May who laid the floor, the countertop installers KOL Marble & Granite and the wall tile expert Omer from definitely delivered. We all took this outdated “Italian Bistro” look and gave it the clean, crisp Shore-House-Chic vibe it was definitely deserving. Thank you so much to the Halscheid family all the way from my hometown for bringing me on board! Sorry I took your idea of just painting your cabinets for a temporary “bandaid” and got your imaginations running rampant with the possibilities 🤣 But just look at this result!? 😍 I’m in love, you’re in love, we’re ALL in loveeee ❤