On May 3rd, I was given the challenge of a lifetime. I was contacted by a lovely couple who just purchased their dream vacation home, who also dreamt of sharing it with others. The home was completely empty, over 2,900 sqft. 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, in-home theater, pool, INSANE walk in shower, sleeps 17 people. You name it, this house has it. The catch? They needed it fully furnished and decorated, top to bottom in 22 days. While every ounce of my brain screamed “NOPE. No way. Impossible” my heart whispered “you gotta try” and so Mission Mulberry was a go.

This gorgeous house has seen so much of my blood sweat and tears these last 2 weeks, literally. Settled in quiet Cape May Beach, this house nearly took my sanity. Normally something of this nature leaves me to recover from the trauma of it before I’m ready to go back, but honestly? I found myself not wanting to leave. The atmosphere is truely mesmerizing and I know that whoever is lucky enough to spend time here this summer will absolutely feel it too. 

While this project brought to life a very real life-long dream of mine, it was also very much a trial by fire. Countless shopping trips. Many miles traveled. Even more hours spent. Assembling nearly every item of furniture and decor that was hand selected. 22 days. Top to bottom. It’s difficult to comprehend the magnitude & complexity of something like this until you’re sitting in the thick of it, partially buried 🤣 Want to know what’s even crazier? Not only did we meet the deadline – we beat it 😉18 DAYS & under budget! It seriously doesn’t get any better than that. I need to thank a few special people who made it possible – Ami Menz from Coastline Realty who is one of my biggest supporters & advocates. NEVER take for granted those who want to see you win. Also to Josh Austin The Vagabond Builder who backed me up in the final hours. I definitely could not have pulled this off without you. Justin for coming over nearly everyday after work to help me wrap up and wrangle the rascals that are our children 🤣 as well as all the painters and flooring professional Jason Wendler who came in, did the job & made sure I always had whatever I needed at the ready. To all the wonderful people at 

Wayfair who did everything they could to help make this as smooth as possible. Lastly, to Justin Sadler & Crystal Axelrod for trusting me with bringing your dream home to life ❤ I can’t wait to see you all making memories in this house. SO, after alllllll that I must ask – whos renting this baby next?! If interested, contact Coastline Realty and ask about their Mulberry Road listing – tell them Katie sent ya!